Great Big Things

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Whenever you read those lists about ‘giant, life-altering things’ you always seem to see two in particular: moving house, and getting married.

Well, we’ve managed to do both in the space of 30 days. I say ‘managed’ because it wasn’t as easy as that breezy sentence made it sound. We aren’t even fully moved yet and already I need a nice holiday with cocktails on tap and someone rubbing my aching feet. Has it been difficult? Oh my god, yes. Planning the biggest party of our lives whilst finding somewhere new to live as a new Mr & Mrs? It certainly kept us busy. Has it been fun? Abso-bloody-lutely. I mean, ask me again when we’re moved in and I can finally relax properly, but up until now it’s been a blast, despite a couple of snags here and there.

Our wedding was a dream. It went off without a single hitch (or if there was a hitch, I was blissfully ignorant of it) and I can’t speak highly enough of our family and friends and those who were involved in planning and executing it all, nor can I tell you just how much fun it was being surrounded by our loved ones and drinking and dancing the day away. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat and I know JH would do as well. Special moments include dancing with my dad to Erasure, getting ready with my bridesmaids in an amazing suite complete with bar and freestanding bath tub, walking down the aisle and seeing everyone I love looking back at me, and tasting our amazing wedding cake the morning after. I always get this giant grin on my face whenever anyone asks me about the wedding, and I can’t see that changing any day soon.

As for moving house? We move out of our current place in six days and in with the in-laws (which I’m actually super excited about) until our new house is ready early November. Keeping the details quiet for now, but it’s big and beautiful and I love, love, love it. Perfect for parties and baking and (hopefully) future family fun times.

New life things, new blog thing. When I’m not writing fiction or watching boxsets, you can probably find me here.

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