Fandoms and Fictional Characters

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I’m crying. It’s not even 7am* and I’m crying. I mean, look:

Oh, right, some context would be good. This is a shot from Supernatural S13 which premiered last night. I’m yet to watch it but the gifs and screencaps on Tumblr have already confirmed that it’s going to be one long rollercoaster of pain.

As I mentioned in my last post, I don’t think anybody should be ashamed of what they’re into. I’ll talk about yoga on this blog, and writing and books and interior design, so why leave out other hobbies that I enjoy? It’s sometimes seen as something to be embarrassed about, geeking out over TV shows and movies, but at my ripe old age I’m past that embarrassment. I want to hear about your favourite shows, and I want to talk about my own. I remember vividly getting teased at school for liking Star Trek and never really talking about it again after that for a long time until I found people who shared that interest. Similarly with Harry Potter, although now I’m unashamed about my HP love and my team of awesome bridesmaids organised a Harry Potter tour around Edinburgh for my hen party, so that love is no longer a badly-kept secret.

Fictional characters and worlds are a form of escapism for a lot of people, and growing up as an only child I certainly found a lot of fun in a variety of books, movies and TV shows. Sometimes fictional characters become more than what’s on a page, and they start to mean something to you: cue the general hysterical crying in the HP fandom when Dobby died, or the utter devastation I witnessed across Tumblr when Castiel was killed back in spring this year. I think that’s one reason why people gravitate to online communities, because they find like-minded folk in places like Tumblr and Twitter who they otherwise wouldn’t connect with in real life, and that’s where fandom discussion blossoms. I don’t know anyone in real life, apart from JH, who is into Supernatural, or into Criminal Minds. But I know a lot of people online who are. We’re lucky in this day and age to have the luxury of the internet, I imagine it was tougher 20 years ago to find folk to geek out over the latest episode of Star Trek with.

There are a handful of fandoms I’m currently active in, or have been active in over the last year, and by active I mean written about or watched the show avidly, bought merchandise for or just generally geeked out over: Supernatural (duh), Harry Potter (also duh), Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead,  and Criminal Minds, to name a few. The SPN fandom is my particular poison of choice, not only for the fact that I think the show is great (sans the sometimes horrific writing and treatment of women) but the three lead actors are inspirational in their own rights. I won’t go on – I could, I could bore you to tears and you’d hightail it from this blog and never come back. But if you want faith in humanity (and celebrities) restored a little bit go and read about the second love of my life, Misha Collins, then come back to me.

Those t-shirts that say ‘hopelessly in love with fictional characters’? Sign me up for a bunch of those, because that’s me all over.

What fandoms, if any, are you in? Any favourite shows you want to talk about? Let’s talk about TV shows and books we love!


*it’s clearly past 7am now, but I was torturing myself first thing in the morning by perusing Tumblr.

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  1. Tiffany Willoughby
    October 25, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    I am 2 ish (???) seasons behind on Supernatural, but i might need to catch up…

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