30 Things I Don’t Know at 30

30 Things I Don’t Know at 30
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I’m forever seeing blog posts about things we should have done or learned to do by a certain age, and the inevitable feeling of ‘oh crap, I haven’t done that’ is one that accompanies at least one or two bullet points on any of those lists. Fess up, you’ve had that feeling too. But it’s rare that we, as bloggers, talk about the things we haven’t done, or the things we don’t know how to do.

So let’s talk about them! Here’s a list of things I haven’t got a clue about – and probably should do by now but oh well!

  1. How to take good photographs. Let’s get this out of the way: I can take OK photos from time-to-time. My Instagram looks good at the moment! But blog photography? Cannot do. I use licensed stock images on my blog because, basically, I’m a writer not a photographer.
  2. How not to worry about my age. Eep, this is a big one, right? More lines? Further away from my 20s? More responsibility? It’s easy to get snarled up in the ‘youth means beauty’ school of thought, but as I look around me these days I see so many gorgeous people my age and older. So why do I overanalyse myself so much? Probably too much to fit into one small bullet point…
  3. How to efficiently change bedsheets. Undersheet? Pillowcases? No problem! Could do those all day. But a king-sized duvet cover? Impossible. I look like a ten-year-old dressing up as a flailing ghost.
  4. How to fully nurture creativity. I’m easily distracted, and easily respond to people and situations around me. Which means I break off from whatever I’m doing, and the creativity dissipates. Note to self: block out weekly alone time to write instead of grasping the chance wherever/whenever I can.
  5. How to use Snapchat. Cannot do. Instagram is my jam.
  6. How to stay up past midnight without turning into a pumpkin. Seriously, it’s like I have a built-in off switch that kicks in as soon as the clock strikes twelve.
  7. How to safely cut an avocado. It’s amazing that I still have all my fingers.
  8. To dance like nobody is watching. Not literally dancing, but to relax in my own skin like nobody is watching. Still haven’t mastered that one, but I think anxiety plays a huge part in the ‘omg everyone is staring’ feeling.
  9. How to tell people about what I do. Although I talk about it a lot online, so many of my friends don’t know that I write fiction as my main hobby, or that I blog. Somehow I come over all shy when the discussion turns that way.
  10. How to say no. So I attended a workshop yesterday on assertiveness, and this was one thing I already knew about myself: I struggle to say no to people in my personal life.
  11. How to change a tyre. *Shrug*. Sue me, I’ll just call the AA.
  12. How to stay consistently hydrated. Some days I drink water like I’m living in the Sahara, and others it’s coffee all the way. More balance is much required.
  13. How to put my phone down. Granted, I’m better than I was and can actually leave the house without it. But it still feels like my link to the outside world far too often.
  14. How to say no to chocolate. Not just chocolate: cake, sweets, pastries, you name it. Especially if they look cute or come from a cute shop: I’m smitten.
  15. How to keep my mouth shut. Burning political topic? Someone making an anti-feminist remark? Being bad-mannered to service staff? I’ll probably tell you that you’re being an ass. Especially if I’m behind my keyboard.
  16. How to file things correctly. At work? I am the beacon of organisation. I have spreadsheets for everything. At home, however, it’s a different kettle of fish. My V5 is in with an old passport and bank statements, probably with keys to houses I don’t even live in any more. Disorganised chaos.
  17. How to sign my new married name. Fuck, it looks like a two-year-old got hold of a Parker pen!
  18. How to be happy with my body. Another one for a longer post, but I don’t think I’ve ever, once, looked in the mirror and liked my body. Now that I’ve joined a gym I hoped that would change but so far? No dice. Needs more work – my mentality, not my physique.
  19. How to have difficult conversations with friends. If I need to bring up a sensitive issue or tell a friend off for something, I find it incredibly difficult. I don’t like confrontation with my close friends, so I avoid at all costs.
  20. How to send text messages without emojis. Luckily for my colleagues, I spare them of my emoji addiction when at work. But friends? Family? Sorry, you’re in for an emojii overload.
  21. How not to give in to people. Everyone is influenced by what their parents and friends think, but sometimes I let people’s words ring too loudly in my head and don’t do something I want to because I know they will be angry/upset with me for doing so. See: getting more tattoos. Sorry mum.
  22. How to be flexible. I’m a very, very strict planner and my life is quite rigidly scheduled. I like routine and don’t cope with change very well, especially if it’s last-minute.
  23. How to read one book at a time. I have five on the go right now, plus about ten novellas on AO3.
  24. How to stop comparing your best to my worst. Social media doesn’t help, but we all have a tendency to describe the worst or most dull periods of our life to the best parts of other people’s. Even the most famous and glamorous people have down days, duvet days, and bad hair days. They just don’t tell us about it. This is actually a serious issue that affects the self-confidence of a lot of young women, particularly women, so again: longer post required.
  25. How to enjoy baked beans on toast. British university staple? Never crossed my lips as a student, never will as an adult. Gross.
  26. How to talk to influential people. I get star struck. I get tongue-tied. I get that ‘oh my god, that’s Helena Bonham Carter sitting five feet away’ star struck (true story, happened last week). Pat of this is intrinsically linked to anxiety and imposter syndrome, and the rest is just genuine nerves and jittery energy – and the likelihood of making a fool of myself.
  27. How to tweet. My Twitter feed is less inner, fascinating monologue and more word-vomit with gifs. And the odd political RT or two.
  28. Another food one: how to poach an egg. I’m an excellent cook, honestly. But some things just get me.
  29. How not to worry about my dog. Not really my dog, but other people’s dogs. I get seriously anxious when Logan and I are off jogging and other dogs approach him off-lead. It’s another unfounded worry, that something will happen, but it really does play on my mind every time we go for a walk. Spoiler: he’s the softest Spaniel in the world, so I know I’m worrying ridiculously.
  30. How to get up in the mornings. Of course I know how to do it, and a lot of the time I’ll bounce out of bed and be super productive and energised. But sometimes, I just love to lie in bed and lounge until the last minute. Good job the bed-head look is (somewhat) in.

What are some things you just can’t do at your age that you feel like maybe you should  be able to (but who cares)?



  1. November 10, 2017 / 12:02 am

    Great post! I don’t know most of these things either!

  2. November 10, 2017 / 3:20 pm

    There is only one thing that has to be mastered. How to be yourself. Sounds like you’re doing a good job at that.

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