12 Productive Things to Do When Boredom Strikes

12 Productive Things to Do When Boredom Strikes
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We’ve all had those moments throughout the week when we’ve been a little lost for something to do. Generally, in those moments, most of us reach for our phones and end up sitting, glazed-eyed, scrolling through social media and wondering where the time went. Guilty? Me too. Spending too much time online has been proven to be bad for self-esteem and mental health, so put the phone down and dedicate that time to something that will actually make you feel good.

Here are a few things to try, if you’re feeling uninspired and need suggestions:

  1. Finish that book you’ve been reading. You might have been working on it forever, and if it isn’t inspiring you anymore then put it down and pick up another. Nothing like slogging through a dull, difficult book to put you off reading for a while. I have some suggestions which you can either read or download as audiobooks.
  2. Tidy your room. Not a teenager living with mum and dad? No, me neither, but there’s always something in our bedroom that could be tidier. Your bedroom should be a calm space, a sanctuary, so having it in disarray isn’t conducive to good sleep hygiene (we’ll talk about that in a future post).
  3. Walk the dog. No dog? Just take a walk. Obviously if it’s chucking it down with rain then this suggestion isn’t a great one (or if it’s dark and there’s nobody around – stay safe) but if the weather permits it then pull on some shoes and hit the great outdoors to get some headspace, fresh air, and pick up the pace to get your heart rate up and endorphins flowing. If you’re dogless but would enjoy taking out a four-legged friend, there are ways of doing that. Ask friends and family if you can walk theirs, or check out sites like Borrow my Doggy and get involved.
  4. Go to the gym. That gym membership card in your purse gathering dust? Go give it a workout. Or go for a one-off session if your local gym allows for it.
  5. Get involved locally. If you find yourself repeatedly at a loose end for hours at a time, it may be time to get involved with your local community. You could volunteer in a charity shop, get involved with pet charities, become a befriender for the elderly, work with the homeless: the possibilities are endless, and the time you spend wasting away doing not much could be put to exceptionally good use.
  6. Reorganise. Kitchen a hot mess? Bookshelves making you anxious? Have a good sort-out, create space and organise things by frequency of use, size, colour, or whatever takes your fancy.
  7. Pick up a paintbrush. Even if you live in rented accommodation it’s still possible to do the odd touch-up. Door frames and skirting boards get easily scuffed, so to stairs and banisters, and a fresh lick of paint can work wonders.
  8. Work towards a goal. Want to write a novel? Run a marathon? Start a YouTube channel? No time like the present to get some practice in.
  9. Sort out your finances. Sit down with a pen and notepad and go through your finances. Organise bank statements and tax documents, work on a budget and create a savings goal.
  10. Plan your grocery shops. Meal planning and food shop planning is a great way to get organised, save money, and make the weekly shop easier and less stressful. I love chalkboard menus in the kitchen – they look great, take no time to do, and inspire you to stick to your menu.
  11. Work that brain. Puzzles like sudoku, jigsaws and crosswords can keep your mind active and are a great way to focus your attention.
  12. Reconnect. Scrolling through the social media profiles of your friends and family doesn’t count. Text them, call them, go and see them, or organise a meetup.

Phew! That’s a lot of things to do if you find yourself at a loose end. What do you do when you’re not up to much and want to do something productive?


  1. November 17, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    Hey Louise! It is true that nowadays we tend to be glued to either our phones or computers browsing on social media. However, sometimes I wake up feeling very productive and optimistic. So, I, first, prepare a full breakfast and then I put some music on and I begin my day super positive. I often find myself more interested in tiding up my room, book selfs, or wardrobe than studying. However, since I feel energetic I know that I can study more productively and effectively these days, so I study haha.
    Anyway, these are a few things that I do when I feel more productive or I don’t like sitting for hours in front a screen.
    I wrote a post about procrastination and I propose some tips on how to beat it. Take a look if you like. Enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂

    • November 19, 2017 / 3:37 pm

      I think a good breakfast and good music are two really great things to help start a day positively! I’m glad that works for you, and I’m going to try and do more of both 🙂 Thank you for the inspo.

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