26 Self-Care Lists to Lift Your Spirits

26 Self-Care Lists to Lift Your Spirits
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One thing I know for sure is that people love lists. And we love lists of lists too, especially if we’re in a slump and seeking some inspiration. Scribbling down bucket lists is always a fun thing to do, and sometimes we need a little extra nudge to consider the things we like about ourselves, the things we can change or utilise immediately, and the things that will actually help us out in the long-term.

Self-care means looking out for number one, for yourself, and that means taking time to do the things that will help build you up. If none of these ideas speak to you then don’t worry: I’ve got you covered. I talk more about self-care ideas in a previous post, which you can also check out if you’re seeking things to do that I may not have mentioned here.

Like a lot of you, I love journaling and list-making. I have a pile of happiness journals, line-a-day journals, and various notebooks (some haven’t been written in, I just bought them on a whim because they looked pretty – needless spending is not something I want to recommend), and they’re chock full of various ideas of things to do on rainy days, ways to improve my home, and things to do to make me smile.

  1. Feel-good films you’d like to watch in the next three months.
  2. Products from your favourite brand you’d love to try.
  3. Books you’ve always wanted to read.
  4. 10 things to do on a rainy day.
  5. A happy playlist to lift your mood.
  6. Things you love about yourself.
  7. Your favourite blogs and bloggers.
  8. Things you love about the most important person in your life.
  9. Your favourite scents.
  10. Fill your ASOS basket with ten things you’d love to buy if money were no object.
  11. Things to do in the next seven days, and dates they’re due.
  12. Your strengths and examples of them.
  13. A list of things you’d like to cook/bake.
  14. A list of new Pinterest boards to make your profile inspiring to you.
  15. The things you love about your job/your career/your industry.
  16. Your favourite memories.
  17. Historical or celebrity figures you would invite to a dinner party.
  18. Positive compliments to tell yourself.
  19. A DIY/house renovation list.
  20. The last ten things that made you smile.
  21. A dream travel destinations list – and who you’d like to go with.
  22. Your birthday wish list.
  23. Your favourite people in the world.
  24. Things you love about your pets.
  25. Career aspirations.
  26. Women who have inspired you throughout history.

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