Dreams & Reaching for the Stars in 2018

Dreams & Reaching for the Stars in 2018
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We all make resolutions for the New Year, but how often do we include our dreams in there? I’m talking about something higher than goals, something you truly want and crave and would be a dream come true. Rarely, because it feels like we’re reaching too far, like these things are unattainable. Isn’t it time we stopped holding ourselves back and actually went for the things we want? If we don’t have the drive to make things happen for ourselves, who will?

I’ve talked about the things I want to do to help make our world a better place, so why not look at reaching for the stars in my own way?

You might read some of these and think what? What is this woman on? Some might seem superfluous or vain, or just plain daft. But that’s fine, these are my dreams and a lot of them relate to building a brand and expanding my writing, making a career of it in 2018. I’ll touch on this in another post (when I feel like sharing more than just a line or two) but I have incredibly low self-esteem, so sitting and writing this list is almost laughable to me because of the little voice on my shoulder telling me ‘it ain’t gonna happen’. But isn’t that a goal I need to pencil in for 2018? To boost my self-confidence and be the person I aspire to be?

Let’s get cracking on my list. This little collection of dreams is career-focused because if we delve too deep into personal life then we’ll be here for hours and I don’t want to bore you that way. I love my day job, but don’t we all have a genuine passion in life that we want to explore? Onto the list…

Make it as a freelance writer.

I say ‘make it’: I mean have some articles published in print and/or online. 2017 has been the year I’ve finally knuckled down and actually made a concerted attempt at being what I’ve always wanted to be: a writer. Posting original work and fan work online was the first step, and now launching┬ámy own website and gaining over 2k hits in the first three weeks has been the confidence boost I needed to decide to try and turn my hobby into something tangible that generates an income.

Bag my first collaboration with a brand I love.

With a brand I love, that’s the crux of this point. I’m fairly strong-willed about the products, services and companies I do and do not recommend, so to collaborate with a company or a brand that aligns with my values and morals would be a dream come true. I have a few in mind, a few absolute dream brands I’d love to work with to discuss mental health, wellness and ethical living, and most of them are big names so that would really be something to write home about.

Attend a press trip or event.

Totally unlikely for a hundred reasons (like, I’d probably be too anxious to go in the first place) but it’s on my list. I want to be more involved in the writing and blogging community and make my mark, however small or large it may be, and attending a press event or awards ceremony would be such a huge thing for me. Also I just want an excuse to dress up, surely that’s totally valid too?? #writergoals

Work with an editor and agent.

I could go down the self-publishing route and it has crossed my mind, but I want the support of someone knowledgeable who knows the industry, and working with experienced professionals is likely to give me the confidence boost I need – plus help me improve if this writing career thing is ever going to be a goer. I’m not a perfect writer by a long shot, I need some assistance for certain. But I’m open to feedback, receptive to critique, and want to work with someone who will guide me in the right direction.

Get verified on Twitter.

Because who doesn’t want that little blue tick? I’ll totally feel like I’ve ‘made it’ if that ever happens.

Meaningful travel.

I don’t just mean fun beach holidays in the sun (although I’d love some more of those too, please). But I want to go on trips that cultivate self-growth, trips where I learn more about our world, myself, or create lasting memories that really mean something to me. I already have a visit to Thailand booked, a trip to Poland with my close friends, and I’ve been wanting to go away with my husband and parents for a while now so we’ve finally got a date in the diary to go to Italy together. Spending time with loved ones is crucial, events of 2017 have brought that point home and it’s something I want to cherish in 2018.

So that’s it, the list of dreams I want to aspire to in the next twelve months. And here’s one thrown in just for fun: visit Disneyland Paris! I’ve always wanted to go, and I feel like my 30s are a good time to get in touch with my inner child.



  1. December 28, 2017 / 11:12 am

    I love your goals! And the best part is that if you really work for them you will get them girl! I also have some and as 2017 has been so shitty year for me I cannot wait for the 2018 to come to make them true!

  2. December 31, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    I love your goals and your personality! I pray God (Will permitting) grants you all of these things and more in 2018! God Bless <3

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