2018 Goals: The Personal Edit

2018 Goals: The Personal Edit
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I’m really looking forward to 2018. Like, I’m genuinely excited for it to be a new year. New Year’s Eve itself I’m not bothered about, and we usually go away for the night or spend it with friends which is a lovely way to ring in the new year. Part of my personal tradition is to make a few lists of things I want to accomplish and do more/less of in the coming year – and one of them is to be more organised in all aspects of my life, so hence my 2018 goals post is here in plenty of time!

I’ve already talked about my dream goals for my writing and my blog, bloggers I think you need to be following over the next year, and my wider goals to help our planet so I figured it’s time to write a more personal list of 2018 goals for myself and hopefully they’re goals you can use as well to make the coming year the best one yet.

2018 Goals and Aspirations

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I already read a lot, I spend most of my spare time reading. But my TBR list is getting longer, not shorter, and I didn’t hit my GoodReads goal this year (I was way off, actually). I want to expand my horizons and read a variety of different books this coming year rather than staying in my lane and sticking to what I know. In particular, I want to read more:

  • Crime and thriller novels.
  • Biographies.
  • Self-help and mindfulness.

So any recommendations you may have, please drop them in a comment!

Build body confidence.

This is a tough one and not one that will happen overnight for me. I have relatively low self-esteem and I’m not confident at all in my body/appearance so this is something I really want to work on in 2018.

I’m starting this week, by going through my wardrobe and bagging up anything that doesn’t make me feel good or feel comfortable in, and I’m giving it all away to charity. Living out of suitcases and boxes for the last two months has made me realise that I just don’t need all the boxes of shoes and clothes I’m currently sitting staring at. Time for a clear out!


I’m not the first person anyone would think of when it comes to minimalist living. But that’s about to change. In 2018 I want to minimise the clutter in my house and minimise the things I buy (no-spend January, here I come). Stay tuned for more posts on this as I strive to make 2018 a year of minimalism.

Organise my time better.

2018 goals: master journaling and planning. I’ve got two new planners which I’m dying to dive right into, plus a One Line a Day five-year journal from Oliver Bonas (one of the most beautiful shops around) which I’m looking forward to writing in. I’m going to steal an idea from my brother-in-law and have friends write notes for the day if they happen to be around, so: if you happen to be at my place and see it lying about and there’s nothing written in it yet for that day, pick it up and go nuts.

My picks for 2018 organisation:

CEO of My Own Life Planner

Celestial One Line a Day Five-Year Journal

The Happiness Planner: #LoveIsLove Edition

Take care of my body all the time, not just some of the time.

Skin, hair, diet, sleep, they could all use some TLC, especially in the winter months. I eat fairly well but I could eat better and I got a few cookbooks for Christmas that I can’t wait to try out. I want to start making a lot more at home rather than buying in things from the supermarket, both to save on packaging and for the satisfaction of having made something delicious myself. I’ve recently started a new skincare regime which is working wonders – all from Lush UK, so handmade and cruelty-free. You can’t go wrong. Here’s what I’m using:

I always have a few of the same ideas every year to generally improve my physical health so those are coming with me as 218 goals:

  • Drink more water.
  • Fruit for snacks, not chocolate.
  • Eat breakfast every day.

One other thing I want to do more of is to get more massages. I drive a lot and that combined with spin classes and general stress/anxiety means I have really tight shoulder muscles and I find it hard to relax a lot of the time. There’s a spa at the gym I go to, so it would make it relatively easy to kill two birds with one stone.

There are a few more things that come to mind, but overloading yourself with things you “should” be doing is paving the road to disaster, so I’m stopping here. What do you want to do in the next year, what are your 2018 goals and achievements you hope to aim for?

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