Highlights from My February To-Do List

Highlights from My February To-Do List
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Oh winter, you do seem longer than usual this year. I think it’s because I have a lot to look forward to so I’m wishing my time away, something I really hate doing but I just can’t help myself right now! Next month I have a trip to Poland planned with some lovely ladies for a hen party, so I’m super excited about that. Plus I just have a huge amount of things I want to get done in February (time and money constraints are holding me back towards the end of this month) and, as usual, I’m all bouncy with excitement and want to get started.

So I thought I’d share with you all a few things I’m planning to grab by the horns next month, and hopefully check back in at the end of February to see how I got on!

Start a YouTube channel.

More for fun than anything else, honest. I don’t even know what I’ll talk about, although I have an idea for the first video. Since I’m not confident in front of a camera (aside from selfies and even then that’s pushing it) I don’t know how it will go, but if you don’t try you never know. So stay tuned for updates on my channel!

Overhaul my look.

I’m in the mood for a new look, have been for a while, so I think it’s time to go for it. I’m trying to decide whether or not to dye my hair – I’ve never been auburn before, so that’s what I’m thinking of trying. It will be a nightmare to go back blonde if I hate it, but what if I end up loving it? I’m quite fair with green eyes, so hopefully it would look nice? Can’t decide.

I also want to go through my wardrobe and get rid of about 80% of it (to charity, obviously). I’ve got so many items of clothes that I don’t wear or don’t even like that just take up space, so it’s time for a refresher and I want to go minimalist. A few key pieces, a capsule wardrobe that will be functional by stylish.

Get set for travel.

We’re going to Thailand in March for our honeymoon! Did I mention that already? Maybe a hundred times or so… I’ve never been before and I’m ridiculously excited, especially since J and I haven’t been away for a long-haul break in what feels like forever (and is actually over 18 months ago). We’ve squeezed in a city break to Rome and a couple of camping trips, but this year we’re jetting off to see a few places and I just cannot wait.

As a result of not really going anywhere in the last couple of years, I need a few things: a new suitcase, a new travel wallet, a new passport, and the obvious one: a TBR list for the plane. (I’ve got that one covered.) But I can’t wait to get shopping for my travels and since it’s our honeymoon I figure I get a pass for splashing out a bit –  hurry up, payday!

Decorate our living room.

By the end of January our master bedroom will be finished (it will be finished, come hell or high water) and I can move on to my next challenge: the living room. Currently sporting a fetching 70s throwback look of brown textured carpet complete with swirly metallic green/yellow wallpaper finished off with pastel curtains. Delightful. I’m going to try and do one room per month, and the living room is in my crosshairs for next month. You can see my interior goals here on Pinterest.

Work on my photography skills.

I got a new camera just before Christmas which I absolutely adore. It’s a Canon (available here) and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very skilled with it yet. As I chatted about a while back I’m a writer, not a photographer, so attempting to do both while fitting in the rest of my life is all sorts of time-consuming. Especially since our house is in the early stages of being renovated so I don’t yet have the luxury of pretty backdrops and subtly gorgeous interior decor to take pictures of, nor am I confident in taking photos of myself outside the safety of my own four walls. But that’s my goal next month: work on it, improve the images I take, and try and get used to being in front of a camera.

So that’s it for now, a few things I feel I can make a good start on next month. What’s on your list, and how do you plan to tackle your goals?

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